Courageous Press and News!!

It has been a long, long time we didn’t upload the News section!! Many thing have happened since our first laurel, and now in October, we are almost reaching the 30th official selection and got nine awesome prizes!!

Also, there are wonderful blogs and magazines which have created beautiful posts in honor to our little story. You can find those jewels in the Reviews and critiques section, translated to English and with the links to the original review in English.

We invite you to follow those spaces, full of awesome shorts, animation, movies and cinema. We need the culture more than usual in this crazy pandemic situation!

ANIMACIÓN PARA ADULTOS (Animation for adults) You will find here reviews about animation shorts, movies, and TV shows for all ages and tastes (despite the title!!) .

REVISTA YOUNG (Young Magazine): A really nice magazine full of the lastest trends in cinema, music, books and technology.

MÁS QUE METRAJE (More than footage): An exclusive space dedicated to shorts of all kinds. You can also find interviews with actors, directors and creators.

LA CASA DE ÉL (His House): A perfect cocktail of comics, games and cinema/TV. Really entertaining!!

CORTOS DE METRAJE (Footage Shorts): Wonderful website in which you can find a huge number of complete Spanish shortfilms, along with critiques, rating and comments.

NOCHE DE CINE (Cinema Night): Beautiful blog with juicy news about movies, shorts, DVD and Bluray releases… Unmissable!!

Strength and courage!! Next year the COVID will be only a far, far away nightmare. And soon, new surprises and news about Ginger and friends! Stay tuned!!

Anuncio publicitario

Courageous Mice in Super Short Film Festival, Official Selection!!

Ahoy everybody!!

Good news for Ginger, Bigtail and all the crew! COURAGEOUS MICE has been chosen for the Official Selection in Super Short Film Festival, Barcelona!

We are so happy to celebrate this with all of us!

If you like our story, feel free to vote for Courageous Mice for the Public Award in this festival. You only have to register free in TEKNOCHATFESTIVALES , and vote for Ratones Intrépidos (Courageous Mice) HERE:

Thank you SO MUCH!! Our trip for festivals has only just begun !!

Courageous Mice First Trailer is HERE!

Yes, sailors and pirates, you can now surf the web and check the first teaser of Courageous Mice!!

And if your surname is Orzábal or similar, check the trailer in Spanish:

We hope you like it!!