Ahoy everybody!!

We know that staying at home because of the terrible Covid 19, is a real pity for everyone. We are all worried, sad, bored and distressed.

For this reason, Ginger, BigTail and all the crew of Courageous Mice, have organized a really funny and entertaining contest. Everyone can participate! You only need having an eye for details, sagacity and to be eaguer for a real quest!

This are the Bases for the contest! Read carefully and get a real treasure!

  1. Go to the official video of the contest, . In this video, there are 18 letters hidden (one en each different scene, the last scene with the logo doesn’t count). Collect them all! If you stop the video in each scene and look carefully, sure you will find easily the letters. When you got the eighteen, you must form the name of a very famous pirate ship. TIP: the name of the ship consists of three words. When you get the name, you have to send it to , with the subject: NAME.
  2. If you guessed right, congratulations!! We will send you a list of DIFFERENT OBJECTS and THINGS you have to seek for in the Official Trailer of the short ( ). You have to take a photo or a screencapt of every thing. When you get all of them, send again an email to with the photos and the subject: OBJECTS.
  3. If you get every of the treasures, YOU ARE WONDERFUL!! We will send you the next and last instructions, basically will consist in create with the capitals of the found objects, the password to get the prize.
  4. If you get REALLY stuck, you can ask for only 2 CLUES via email: But remember, only 2 CLUES! Use them carefully!!

BE QUICKLY!! You will have to fight agains many treasure hunters, and there is only a limited quantity of prizes! If you do this in family , with your roommates or with your online friends, MUCH BETTER!! In this ship we are in favor of team working! (and you have more possibilities to win!)

And the most important, have a really really GOOD TIME!!

Any questions or doubts, please contact with


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