The creators

Miriam and Sara García are two crazy sisters from Madrid, Spain. They dedicate an insane amount of time to imagining and creating characters ands stories (and fangirling about a high amount of movies, TV series, books, videogames and football). Sara is the old sis, tries to controll everything and somethimes she is soooo heavy, but works like a donkey and always get nice results. Miriam or Millan is the middle sis: she is a burst of energy and invents a huge amount of things. Although she usually drives Sara crazy, Millan has a great imagination and gets on well with everyone.

Both have a nice sense of humour, love animation, cinema and football. Yeah. Did I say FOOTBALL before??!!!  HALA MADRID!!

Hey, we don’t forget Rubén!! The little brother. He has patience of a saint and supports every lunatic story of her sisters. And her arguments. And everything. Long live to Rubenchu. (but ehem, despite all the suffering, it’s always nice to have sisters who share with him incredible things that a boy of his age may not know. Such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Good Omens, Fantastic Beasts, Harry Potter and lots of things. Yes.

And of course, daddy and mommy helping and helping. And running behind their hyperactive offsprings. 

Finally, the other three children of the family. Jelly, Jamm and Fluffy. Surprisingly, being two kittens and a bunny doesn’t stop them from poking their noses in the projects. 

All of them, create CORNER KIDS, the craziest, imaginative, loony, magical mystery CINEMA AND ANIMATION STUDIOS. 

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